Empty Little Tea Cup

February 5, 2014

Empty little tea cup

Won’t you fill her glass

She just wants a little love

But she’s afraid to ask


Living in a glass bowl

Created by a lie

No one lives in honest truth

That image must not die


Small and broken hearted

No one seems to know

Living in a grown up world

Unwatered plants won’t grow


Starving at the bottom

Abundance is around

It’s not the things that she desires

Just wanting to be found


Simply be acknowledged

And value placed upon

Never getting what she needs

Her heart just drips with blood


Bleeding from the inside

Unseen as it were

Only a discerning soul

Could feel the wound in her


Her house it had an idol

They don’t know that they serve

Hidden to the naked eye

And no one had the nerve


To tell them that they’re blinded

Success is not a god

Yet they keep on serving it

As if it’s all they want


Empty little tea cup

She doesn’t have a chance

Unless the truth comes crashing in

To change the others stance


Day by day is passing

Her soft soul stiffens up

She doesn’t know how to survive

She’s still an empty cup


Looking to the outside

Her home has failed the test

She must find another source

Somehow she must be blessed


Looking all around her

She sees a little light

Coming from another place

She’s hoping that she’s right


There she finds a neighbor

With kindness all around

They seem to have soft eyes that see

Maybe she’ll be found


It only takes a little

Affection given free

To fill this little tea cup

Just like she’s meant to be


Now there’s hope before her

Her future may be bright

Because the love a stranger gave

A candle in the night


Empty little tea cup

Stands empty now no more

She’s grown into a  living love

She’s ready now to pour


Eyes that shine with knowing

The moment that she sees

Another empty tea cup

She knows just what they need

copyright  2014  Jean Chamblee


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