January 13, 2014

How shall we get ready for the coming of the King?

Should we only seek to gather ‘round the church and sing?

What about the daily cross, He said take up and bear

Are we listening carefully with a heart that wants to hear?


Perilous days, they lay ahead ‘tis clear the scriptures say

The best position to be in, is to follow every day

As we learn just how He leads, His Spirit shows the way

Then we can relax and know that we will be okay


He longs so to protect us, His Word is living proof

That if we will just follow, we’ll find refuge in the truth

Safe in that place there is no fear, no matter what’s ahead

‘Tis no mistake that we are here just like the good Book said


We are chosen to be here for such a time as this

Though life gets tough and shakes about, nothing is amiss

It’s just what we were born into, so God has made His plans

There’s nothing that we lack in Him, just hold on to His hand


The winds may roar, the seas may moan, but we can rest assured

He never will forsake us, He is an open door

So once again I ask you are you ready for the King?

If you hear and then obey, you will not lack a thing



copyright 2014  Jean Chamblee


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