Days Of Awe

January 13, 2014

Radiant waves

Days of awe

Unveiled truth

Without a flaw


Hidden since

The days of old

In the Book

Pages unfold


Deep cries

Unto deep again

Love and truth

A faithful friend


Walk a road

That few may know

Open to all

But few will go


Hidden in 

A manger fair

The mystery stares

In the crisp night air


Who would have known

God came to earth

He came His own way

A virgin’s birth


We cannot control

How it will be

It has been foretold

Throughout history


Hidden since

The days of old

In the Book

Pages unfold


copyright 2012  Jean Chamblee

The Message

January 13, 2014

To some it will be a piercing sword

To others the words of life

To some it will be a fountains gate

To others a source of strife


To some it will be a saving grace

Just in time to save the day

To some it will be a dividing wall

Rejection is coming your way


To some it may save their marriage

As it councils from the Word

To some it will be twisted about

Misrepresenting what they have heard


To some it may be a life line

At the end of somebody’s rope

To others a source of mocking

As they treat it like it was a joke


To some it may be their very last chance

To hear the words of life

To some it may be a brandishing glance

As it touches on what is not right


Whatever response that we get from them

It matters not to the Lord

What really is important here

Is that we give out His Word


We cannot know the soil of the heart

If it is rocky or finely tilled

We cannot know how the seed will grow

Those things fall within the Lord’s will


Simply said, it’s the Message we bring

Just as it was given to us

It’s not in our power, what fruit it will bear

For this friends is where we must trust


copyright 2014  Jean Chamblee



January 13, 2014

How shall we get ready for the coming of the King?

Should we only seek to gather ‘round the church and sing?

What about the daily cross, He said take up and bear

Are we listening carefully with a heart that wants to hear?


Perilous days, they lay ahead ‘tis clear the scriptures say

The best position to be in, is to follow every day

As we learn just how He leads, His Spirit shows the way

Then we can relax and know that we will be okay


He longs so to protect us, His Word is living proof

That if we will just follow, we’ll find refuge in the truth

Safe in that place there is no fear, no matter what’s ahead

‘Tis no mistake that we are here just like the good Book said


We are chosen to be here for such a time as this

Though life gets tough and shakes about, nothing is amiss

It’s just what we were born into, so God has made His plans

There’s nothing that we lack in Him, just hold on to His hand


The winds may roar, the seas may moan, but we can rest assured

He never will forsake us, He is an open door

So once again I ask you are you ready for the King?

If you hear and then obey, you will not lack a thing



copyright 2014  Jean Chamblee


Tomorrow In His Arms

January 1, 2014

As I stand before the mountain

A coward I may be

But I don’t have to worry

Because You are with me


I fall short most all the time

But Strong Tower you are mine

I only have to walk in You

And wait until Your time


You have my days within Your hands

All plans You have foreseen

All the things concerning me

Already You have deemed


I can trust You everyday

Of this I can be sure

No matter how this life will play

Your heart towards me is pure


You are a loving Father

I’m humbled by Your Son

Who laid His life before You

So that all I need was won


Tomorrow I may know not

But I can cast aside

All my cares into Your arms

And in Your love do hide


copyright  2014   Jean Chamblee