Prayer For 2014

December 31, 2013

As I stand before the coming year

I feel humbled as can be

Looking behind at the year gone by

I can see what you’ve done to me


Go deep not wide, our motto was

And surely you have done

A work within the hearts of us

Reflective of the Son


I only want to go further still

Upon the path You have laid

We are here but a moment’s time

To embrace the price You have paid


Help us Lord to know Your will

So time we will not waste

Let this be a productive year

So Your pleasure we may taste


Help us to please You in every way

Laying down our selfish life

Help us to flow unhindered and slow

And with care to do things aright


Go deep not wide again we will do

As if to dig a great well

So humanity will somehow be blessed by us

Because in Your Presence we dwell


Glory, glory all goes to your Son

Without you we can do naught

Help us to walk in a purposeful way

Just as Your good Book has taught


Help us to stand up against all the tides

That tell us to compromise

Stand firm as believers in truth plant our feet

Dispelling the enemies lies


So here I do bow down again at Your feet

Help me to stay there always

Humble in knowing that You’re in control

This year Lord, I give You my days


copyright  2013   Jean Chamblee


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