Eyes That See Things Differently

September 22, 2013

The wonder of a sweet, sweet heart

Is there for God to see

You think you’ve got it all messed up

But I’ve got news for thee


All the little things you do

The ways that your heart cares

Does not go without a nod from God

Please know that He’s aware


We focus on the screw-ups

And think that’s all there is

God does not see us that way

Especially when we are His


He sees us as His children

His love will not depart

As long as we stay close to Him

He will reveal His heart


God sees things so differently

Than we see things ourselves

He looks with love upon us

We’re never on the shelf


He actively awaits us

To turn our thoughts to Him

To come into His presence

So He can help us win


He takes such joy in watching

Our journey on the earth

I guarantee that you are more

Than what you think you’re worth


It’s times we focus on Him

And try to do His will

That shines like light before Him

We can continue still


So if you’ve royally blown it

Like I’ve done time and again

Don’t let that keep you from Him

Just start your walk again


Come into His presence

As you lie upon your bed

Start the conversation

Read the words He’s said


Know that God, He loves you

Like you’ve never been loved before

Let your sins be washed away

He’s waiting at the door


How hard is an “I’m sorry”

To come between your lips

Then you can start the dance again

Your past it will eclipse


You are loved more than I can say

Dare to make amends

Dare to believe what I have said

Start your relationship with Him again


copyright  Jean Chamblee  2010


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