A Clean Slate

September 20, 2013

Painful past

Mistakes made

Can’t change

The path was laid


Ironclad grip

Pulling down

Crying out

In tears drowned


Spinning round

A sinking ship

Life’s a mess

Can’t get a grip


What if there

Was really a way

A gift for you

A completely clean slate


If you can get past

Prejudices made

Open your mind

The price was paid


Forget religion

Not what it’s about

Embrace the Truth

That will let you cry out


Forget the steeple

The Easter parade

Jesus is deep

It’s no charade


The blood He shed

Is no laughing matter

Such a shame He’s been treated

With a light hearted manner


Love so deep

Heart so good

He gave it for you

He shed His own blood


So you could have

Another chance

Get free from your past

Set free to dance


Dance a new life

Leave the old behind

Take hold of His hand

He will take off the blinds


That’s right it’s a kick

Jesus is the Way

You’ve heard it all along

Thought it was a cliche’


Don’t need to be religious

To talk to the One

That loves you so much

Had me write this sweet poem


So guess what precious one?

He’s waiting on you

To give a clean slate

Start your life brand new


copyright  Jean Chamblee  2010


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