Deep Calls To Deep

September 14, 2013

Walking the streets of another place

Allowed to go in by a special grace

Seeing the things that need to be done

Heralding prayers for everyone


Who will cry out if it is not me?

Who will cry out for the souls in the streets?

Who will feel pain of an uncovered place?

Who will engage in the heavenly race?


Who will see their neighbors all around?

Drowning in sorrows and hitting the ground

Who hears the cries of families undone?

The enemy raging, his battles are won


Who will come out of this natural realm?

Dwell in the spirit with Christ at the helm

Who will let others come into their thoughts?

Labor in prayer til a victory is wrought


Who will care and feel their pain?

When it’s easier to focus on our own selfish gain

Who will choose to take up the cross?

Do what Christ says, count their life as a loss


A cry has gone out from the heaven’s above

Who will rise up and give out Christ’s love?

A sacrifice, a dying that none of us like

Lay down our ambitions and do what is right


Lord give us grace for the depth of this walk

Let us live out on earth what your covenant has wrought

Help us ignore the superficial call

Follow after You, Lord, and give it our all


copyright  Jean Chamblee 2010


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