Ostrich Syndrome

August 26, 2013

Sleeping, sleeping

Sleeping eyes

Have been closed

By all the lies


All is well

False prophets say

There is no hell

So jump and play


A nation’s pride

Says…”not to us”

We’re above it all

So what’s the fuss?



Traps and nets are laid

Media ignores 

Keeps truth in the shade


Even those 

Who are aware

Look away

They just don’t care



Yes, it’s true

But it will affect

Me and you


The heart must be readied

For what’s ahead

So courage can grow

No fear, no dread


It must be embraced

So steadfastness grows

Not like deer in the headlights

But one who knows


Awake, awake

It’s not so bad

Face the future with courage

So your heart can be glad


Whatever may come

Have your faith in place

Like the good Book says

Let’s finish this race


Eyes on the promises

Throughout all time

God will be with us

Help us to shine


See what is negative

Don’t ignore the truth

Be informed

So you’ll make the right move


It’s time to be grown-ups

Get our head out of the sand

Look up and know

That God’s got your hand


copyright   2013  Jean Chamblee



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