August 27, 2013

What is courage?

What shall we say?

Is it loud and boisterous?

Not always the case


Is it mental assent?

Does it come from the heart?

A step into danger 

Having counted the cost?


Take a look at our Saviour

He knew early on

That His people would betray Him

And yet He walked on


He knew fully well

What the cross would entail

The physical brutality

The pain of the nails


He knew that His friends

Would cower away

Only John and some ladies

At the cross would stay


What example for us

The truth He displays

His eyes were wide open 

To the price He would pay


Yet still He walked on

It was  love in His heart

He knew what He came for

From this purpose did not depart


So it is, we must follow

Choices to be made

When the going gets tough

Is it Truth we’ll betray?


To go with the crowd

To avoid suffering

Is acceptance our god

Or to Truth will we cling


These choices are coming

Have been all along

The crossroads are clear

To whom you belong?


No one can answer

This question for you

No one will stand 

Before God with you too


So make up your mind

Of this thing be sure

Will you walk with the Lord

And with courage endure….


copyright  2013  Jean Chamblee

Ostrich Syndrome

August 26, 2013

Sleeping, sleeping

Sleeping eyes

Have been closed

By all the lies


All is well

False prophets say

There is no hell

So jump and play


A nation’s pride

Says…”not to us”

We’re above it all

So what’s the fuss?



Traps and nets are laid

Media ignores 

Keeps truth in the shade


Even those 

Who are aware

Look away

They just don’t care



Yes, it’s true

But it will affect

Me and you


The heart must be readied

For what’s ahead

So courage can grow

No fear, no dread


It must be embraced

So steadfastness grows

Not like deer in the headlights

But one who knows


Awake, awake

It’s not so bad

Face the future with courage

So your heart can be glad


Whatever may come

Have your faith in place

Like the good Book says

Let’s finish this race


Eyes on the promises

Throughout all time

God will be with us

Help us to shine


See what is negative

Don’t ignore the truth

Be informed

So you’ll make the right move


It’s time to be grown-ups

Get our head out of the sand

Look up and know

That God’s got your hand


copyright   2013  Jean Chamblee


Slowly, with purpose

He walked through the streets

Each step He was taking

Your life He could see


Breathing in pain

Sores on His back

He suffered the shame

But His heart was intact


He knew that His mission

It must be fulfilled

There was no other way

Except Calvary’s hill


Looking at faces

His mind must have swirled

He kept the joy before Him

Of saving the world


Strong and determined

As His life blood poured out

He knew it was worth it

He ignored hell’s loud shout


As He hung on the cross

He gave out a cry

As He paid for our sins

Tears streamed from His eyes


Love kept Him there

We’ll never know

How bad was His suffering

The three days He was gone


Paying our penalty

As He hung on the cross

He knew what it took

To redeem all the lost


So now it’s our choice

To believe and receive

The beautiful gift

For which He did bleed


copyright  2013  Jean Chamblee

Hungry One

August 22, 2013

Oh to find a hungry one

Searching just for Me

Not filled with all the worldly things

But craving just to see


See into the unseen realm

Where Christ and angels dwell

Wanting such unearthly things

That rescue one from hell


Seeking out salvation

Set upon a hill

My Son, my gift to everyone

Will come to you at will


Waiting for your calling

A true repentant heart

Wanting what the world can’t give

A new redemptive start


So much love to offer

Secrets great and wide

He will reveal to open hearts

That draw close to His side


Don’t be fooled by spiritist

Don’t be fooled at all

My words I’ve left to guide you

Into the throne of God


My way is laid before you

A lamp unto your feet

From all times past it is the same

The way that we can meet


All I’m asking of you

Come alone with Me

Take the Holy words of God

And let My spirit teach


copyright 2013   Jean Chamblee