Tender and kind

Holy and just

The Father watches His children

Spread a table before them

With wonderful things

Warned them of things that cause harm


Giving free will 

He must sit back and watch

As the enemy seduces His own

They should have known better

But astray they have gone

To destruction and harm

Towards the enemies throne.


God- He’s been calling them away from the idols

In their home to destroy them

Before the idol claims it’s prey

Oh how sad that day

When the reaping will come

Unrepented sin – that crop overgrown


Overgrown, overtaken the good in a life

The things that God planted bringing eternal life

For God loves His children and leads them to light

But the lust of their souls 

Turns their hearts into night


When they think they can see 

Think they are awake

But a lie thay have swallowed and meay not awake


Cry for those ones

Whose fall is so great

The champions of God

Satan will overtake


Pray that this crushing will turn them to light

To let go of the lies and embrace what is right

For only in holiness, can one stand against sin

A vessel that is dead is the only one that can win


For the flesh is too strong in this day and hour

But that daily cross

Will carry you to victory and power


Take up your cross – no matter the pain

Let nothing stop you

Your mission – your aim


To obey your God

Even at Gethsemane 

Is your call this day – your destiny


Overcome is the cry of My last words to thee

Never let go – til death gives victory.


April 2, 2009

I woke up this morning and what did I see

A crazy torpedo coming after me

It hit it’s mark and then I was down

How to get up – the answer not found


So off to the the closet 

Where I like to pray

Hoping for answers

To show me the way


Torpedos are real

In the spirit they may be

But the damage is tangible 

And inside make you bleed


So many sleeping 

To  the warfare around

So many damaged and hitting the ground

So many blind to the Words of the Lord

He said put on your armor and pick up your sword


For we wrestle not against flesh and against blood

It’s a spiritual battle and can’t be ignored

Help me keep that perspective and stay in the fight

Battling the darkness and fighting the night


And when one hits it’s mark

And down I may go

Send your sweet Spirit to heal and to show

How much I need you

The answers are Yours

Like David prayed

Lord teach me to war


I love you Lord Jesus

It’s a privilege to serve

And to be a good soldier

Is what you deserve


Sharpen my skills

Strengthen my love

And when I am weak

Send mercy from above