Random Thoughts

January 26, 2009

A bleeding heart

Who can see

It’s deep inside


Does anyone care?

Probably not

Is there love anywhere?

Good question


The answer is Yes

His name is Jesus

And the cool thing is

He’s always there

Sees every tear

Hears every cry

That’s the cool thing about being Omnipresent

Everywhere – all the time


Although I guess it’s not so cool for Him

Though He chose to walk the path

He catches our tears with love

He could have just let us die


But He didn’t

Does that make you curious?

How He must feel

How He must think

Why in the world does He see us as so important?


He chose to value us

Chose to love us

Guess that’s just what He wanted


So I challenge you my friend

Aren’t you curious?

He’s a treasure to find

But it’s all in His book

He made it real easy

Just have to pick it up and read

Dig around and ask Him to show you who He is


You won’t regret it

Then you will never be alone

I hope for you – you will never be alone


Jean Chamblee Thomas    2009


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