On Being Understood…Ponder

January 26, 2009

I wish I had a safe place

Somewhere I could just go and say what I want

Somewhere I could be depressed if that is what I was feeling


I used to have a safe place

A friend so close and kind

But she left and departed to another place

One I can’t follow


I miss that

Being understood

It is a beautiful thing to be understood


As a matter of fact 

I think it is one of the most valuable things in life

To be understood


And you know what?

I think God wants that too

Is that why He wrote a book?

Is that why His interaction with man is recorded?

I think so


Did you know that He once said

That the actions of mankind “crushed Him”

Like the heart of a man that finds his wife in adultery

Giving herself to another lover


That’s deep

Why do we think that God does not feel?

Why do we think that He does not have emotions?

Because He is so big and powerful?

It doesn’t work that way


Why did He make us?

He wanted a family

Yep – the God of the Universe wanted kids

And His Son a bride


Take another look

Our God has feelings

And how often we hurt Him

Oh yes – He’s big and strong

But He feels deeper than we can imagine


So take another look

A look at your sins

Is it worth it

When you know it causes Him pain?



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