Sacrificial Love

December 16, 2008

We must live a soldiers life

Sacrificial giving our time to the fight

To work in His kingdom

Must be in our sights


The clock is ticking what will tomorrow bring

A bomb could blow, the earth, the wind

Everybody on earth’s life will someday end


We hide in denial to deal with the pain

But it gets us no where 

And nothing is gained


Time to get rooted 

And work in the field

Time for the harvest that’s ready to yield


Time for the river 

Of life in our souls

To come forth and pour out that healing flow


Time for the mercy and compassion to go

Into the land 

And into their souls


They are fainting from grief and dying all around

They are dying before us

Before hitting the ground


Dying inside so hurt and so cold

Who will rescue them 

Who will take hold


And run with the answer

The love that they need

Take up the bandages and stop the bleed


Why have our eyes been so blinded til now?

What will it take to get us out of ourselves?



by Jean Chamblee Thomas   2008