MY TESTIMONY by Jean Chamblee

October 12, 2008

I was overdosing and knew it.  I knew that my friends wouldn’t take me to the hospital for fear that they would get in trouble too.  So I went in the bathroom and knelt at the toilet for obvious reasons…….and there I thought about Jesus.

Funny how sometimes it takes a crisis to get our thinking on track.

I thought about Jesus and I knew He loved me.  So I cried out “Jesus Help Me”.

Now the Bible says in 2 Chronicles (16:9)  “ that the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth to show Himself strong on behalf of those whose hearts are loyal to Him.”

You see I loved Jesus in my heart – but I was just foolish enough not to understand and believe that I wouldn’t reap the consequences of my sin.

But there I was ….reaping some pretty bad stuff.


But God heard my cry of faith.  And He showed up powerfully.  

It simply felt like “light”  from God fell on me and I was instantly sober… head was crystal clear.  It was miraculous.  And the other beauty of encountering light is really seeing the darkness in my life.  I saw the lie that had fooled me into thinking drugs aren’t so bad.  It is a destructive path and  we weren’t created for destruction, but for a relationship with God.

So God rescued me that night.  The next few weeks were strange.  I had encountered something I could not deny.  I knew Jesus was real…..I believed….but this made things really personal.  God was interacting in my life.

After a few weeks I had a dream from the Lord.  I think it was the first time I knew God even talked to people that way.  I had heard about it in the Bible stories….

Anyway – in the dream I was a soldier – in the Lord’s army.  

Now keep in mind – things are often symbolic.  I took out a sword and began fighting the darkness in the form of a dark hooded figure.  When I awoke I was astonished.  I had never felt anything so good before.  It beat drugs by a landslide.  Fighting for the Lord – in His army – was the most fulfilling thing I had ever felt.  Purpose.  Fulfullment.  It was awesome.   (By the way – the sword represents the Word of God-  the symbolism in the dream was pretty simple)

God used this dream to set me up for what was gonna happen next.  I was so awestruck that this God that I had heard about all my life was so real.  All the stuff they said about Him was true.  The Bible was real and alive and He is still available to interact with man like He always has.   He really is the same yesterday, today and forever.  He answers the cry of a hungry heart!

So life continued on and one day, with no forewarning,  I walked into my dorm room on the 6th floor of Tyler dorm at 11:00 in the morning.  As I walked in the room my legs collapsed under me as I walked into the presence of this incredible energy.  It was like electricity – but it did not hurt.

I was about to get afraid – but I then remembered the stained glass window at the church – of Jesus with a lamb on His shoulders.  I remember saying to myself  “Jesus is gentle”  I don’t have to be afraid.

So I crawled onto the bed and listened.  I felt the Lord saying to me….”Will you follow me?”  It is amazing that I felt so comfortable in His presence….but I thought about it.  Jesus was wanting me to count the cost.  He wasn’t asking for a quick answer.  I thought –  I will have to give up smoking pot and give up my partying friends because I knew I would get pulled back by them.  I thought about it and said “Yes”.   At that moment I felt weights just lifting off of me.  I was changed.  Never to be the same.

It is now 28 years later – I am still serving Him and pursuing to know Him more.  No regrets!  Ever!!!  My life has been an incredible journey.  Definitely not boring!  How cool to make a decision like that early in your life and live to say you have no regrets!!

You know the Bible says” Seek Him”.   Sometimes we get to feeling left out because we haven’t had a dramatic experience like that.  But I guarantee you that if you seek Him out…… with the hunger and passion like you would a romantic relationship.  God will not disappoint.  The David in the Bible was called “a man after God’s own heart”.  We need to be like that.

Your story will never be like mine.  But you will have a story. You will be able to testify that Jesus still lives!! He answers those that call on His name. You will find your purpose in life in God.  He is your Creator.  Who knows you better than He does and loves you with the passion of the Cross!!?

Whether you are conscious of it yet or not… are called to be a part of His army that carries love and truth to a troubled world.  You have the opportunity to impact someones life here….and for eternity.

Revival starts in the heart.  It must burn in you first.  Ask Him into your heart, ask Him to use you and fill you with His Holy fire and get ready for the ride of a lifetime!!  

Blessings,    Jean                     Website



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